epi2fox: import Epiphany bookmarks into Firefox 3

I used Epiphany as my main browser for a long time because I find its bookmarks system much better than anything else. However, as new Firefox 3 permits tagged bookmarks too, I decided to give it a try once again. But I wanted all my bookmarks from Epiphany available in Firefox too. With the same tags.

I didn't find any ready solution, so I wrote a script, epi2fox.py. Assuming, you have an almost empty Firefox profile, run this script like this:

$ epi2fox.py ~/.mozilla/firefox/yourprofile/places.sqlite
The script is not perfect, but it did the job. One of its major shortcomings: while Epiphany permits multiple bookmarks for the same URL, Firefox does not. Probably, such bookmarks should be merged on importing, but the script just throws away duplicates (and prints error messages).


PS. Please backup your places.sqlite before running the script.